Weekend Trip and On-the-go Eats

18 Jul

Know what this is? Read on to find out!

This weekend my dad and brother joined hundreds of bikers in completing a ride from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon. That’s about 200 miles, people, over two days. While it’s not quite the Tour de France, the Seattle to Portland (or STP) is pretty well-known around here and seems to be a lot of fun; I’m already thinking about whether I want to go with my dad on our tandem bike next year! (As a side note, I had never biked on a tandem or road bike until one day last week when I went with my dad… apparently I’m not terrible at it, so I’m in better shape than I thought!)

We stayed in a little hotel in Kelso, Washington to meet my dad/brother after the first day of biking (they did about 150 miles that day, 50 miles the second day). My dog decided that the little cupboard in the nightstand was a proper place to sleep… I swear I don’t know what goes through her head, but hey, she’s cute!

And the food. Well, my mom and I left around 11. Traffic was horrendous. We didn’t get there until around 4. I hadn’t eaten since 10. We were about ready to bite each other’s heads off, so we scoured the nearby Safeway for food (I had personally been hoping to get a Starbucks wrap or something, but the nearest Starbucks was a mini-one inside the Safeway so that was a no-go). I ended up selecting these:

Now, the frozen meal was damn good, vegan, and 260 calories to boot. But the real star of this ensemble is the Yogi Granola Crisps. Dear GOD are they addicting. Lightly sweet, perfectly grainy and crunchy (as I’ve mentioned, I love all things crunchy), satisfying on every level. They weigh in at 110 calories per half-cup… It’s kind of hard to keep yourself to that serving size (my mother and I may or may not have polished off the entire bag within a day and a half) but it’s still not a terrible amount of damage, especially since that was about all we ate.

The next morning we explored Portland and all its vegan bakeries, as I used to be vegan but never managed to make it down to that vegan paradise. Unfortunately I was so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures. I guess I’ll just have to go back! :) It was all delicious thought, and I love Portland’s eclectic, kooky feel (they’re known for their “Keep Portland Weird” stickers; I personally was partial to the variation I saw on one car that said “Make Portland Weirder!”)

My dad and brother rolled in around noon and we faced even worse traffic going back, but here they are happy and exhausted at the finish. Oh, and there’s me. Ignore my brother’s expression… he loves me. And pictures, obviously. Oh, and I AM still taller than him, I’m just slouching (no, I’m serious…)

Congratulations boys, I love you!


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