The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (or: Holiday Hoarding)

12 Dec

I’m a little obsessed with the holidays. First stop when I got home was definitely Target, where I decided that when I grow up, I WILL be one of those people whose houses is all decked out in red and green for a solid month before Christmas. Don’t judge.

Between runs to Trader Joe’s, the regular grocery store, and Target, I amassed quite  number of holiday-themed treats, for baked goods and general consumption.


Items featured: Dark chocolate & mint chocolate chips (they’re delicious, and the chocolate cookie recipe on the back is to die for); Trader Joe’s UFOs (I have yet to try them, actually!); Gingerbread Graham Crackers; Ghirardelli chocolate chips; Candy Cane Kisses;

Not pictured (yes, there was more): green & red M&Ms; candy canes; Mint Truffle Kisses (my dad ate about half the bag, actually…); Gingerbread Poptarts (these weren’t that good, sadly).
And of course I stocked up on a ton of flour and sugar, which wasn’t pictured. The pantry is now overflowing, and my mom is ready to send me to Hoarders

Then I broke out the holiday cookie books…


Pretty sure I’ve misplaced a few, because I SWEAR there were more!

The radio has been playing Christmas music nonstop for days, and I have all the necessary amenities… Guess I better get baking!


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