You Know You’re a Foodie When…

28 Dec

You walk into TJ Maxx with your family and immediately gravitate towards the novelty food items, and inevitably argue with your mother about how many it makes sense to buy, given the state of your pantry already…

And you end up with these. (My mom and I loved them, by the way).

You then walk straight past the expensive purses and designer jeans and wind up in the kitchen aisle.

You end up with these.

While waiting for your mother and grandmother to continue shopping, you peruse the selection of cookbooks. You sit on a chair and frantically copy down yet another chocolate chip cookie recipe from one of the cookbooks, because the hundreds you have bookmarked are not enough.

You then flip through the rest of the book, and find yourself wanting to try every single recipe. The price tag reads $7.99. You really don’t need another cookbook, what with the state of your shelves already…

And this isn’t even all of them…

But somehow, you end up with this.

I have no self-control. That is all.


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