too soon.

1 Jan

My New Year’s celebration went something like this…

a pretty table, decked out for pretty people.

a classy dinner with friends… featuring pasta with marinara & roasted veggies & caesar salad & bread (& not enough pictures)

and, of course, dessert. to be posted about, soon.

then a voyage on a cold boat, where cuddling ensued.

do you remember all the city lights on the water?

followed by fireworks from the space needle.

2010 was over, and not a moment too soon…

but this? the sparkling morning after? the leisurely walk on the dock? the laughter? the nonsense? the break from school?

that, that was over… much too soon.

here’s to 2011. may you live, love, and laugh.

because it will all be over, far too soon.

2 Responses to “too soon.”


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    […] had planned to make one for my classy-NYE-dinner party, but I only decided the event was occurring the night before it happened. And the pie needed to be […]

  2. Evolution & Brussels Sprouts « Of Cookies & Carrots - January 10, 2011

    […] then made again for dinner during the week (this time featuring tofu), then prepared again for my New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s not fancy, it’s not particularly gourmet, but damn is it […]

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