music & moroccan.

6 Jan

Ah, the first week of school. I’m still in denial about the ever-increasing pile of work that is sitting on my desk. My biology textbook is staring at me plaintively while my chemistry book has all but secluded itself in a corner for months. (On the plus side, this blatant anthropomorphizing is something we talked about in psychology, and I’m thinking about it, so I’m at least paying attention!) All we’ve really done is cover the syllabi in my classes, though tests are right around the corner…

This first week is the idyllic week where virtually every college student is found out and about, screaming belligerently while stumbling down the street, night after night after night.

Here’s my version.

We went to see my FABULOUSLY talented friend Jackie (check her out here!) perform some jazz at a Moroccan restaurant (creatively called “Morocco’s“). It may not have been popping (as in, we were the only ones under 40), but the food was far superior to frat-house beer. Aka Keystone. The drink of the devil, I tell you. (Actually, once heard it described as horse piss…)

My pictures do not do it justice. The ambiance was quiet and quaint and decidedly ethnic. It was also poorly lit in an entirely becoming way that rather destroyed my photo-taking ability. Particularly since I am still shy about photographing my food in front of my friends. But I digress.

First we had the Eggplant Puree Salad…

This is, evidently, “Steamed eggplant with garlic, hand crushed with cumin, paprika, cilantro. Honey pomegranate chili base.” I just called it scrumptious. Particularly with the bread. But then again, I’m all over anything with carbs… Or eggplant.

Then we had the Vegetarian Tagine.

Of this they said: “Morocco’s blend of vegetables blanched in a turmeric, ginger, garlic, pepper base.” I really enjoyed it, but would have preferred more zucchini and carrots and such and less of the chickpeas. But that’s because I am a vegetable addict. The first step is admitting it, right?

This was only my second experience with Moroccan food, and it was quite good. Though, frankly, I’m pretty open to anything.

I just like food.

(Don’t judge).


4 Responses to “music & moroccan.”

  1. thefitacademic January 6, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    Hey – thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m totally in denial about the whole back-to-school stuff. Ugh! I’m not ready!!!! : )

  2. snackgirlgoeshealthy January 6, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    I really want to try curried chickpeas and spinach! lol

    You should try persian food if you have not! It is so so good!!

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